Friday, 6 November 2009


The uraeus represents a rearing cobra and is a significant symbol of kingship, usually found on the diadem and later on the crown of the Pharaoh and worn by the royal gods Horus and Seth. As a flame-spitting serpent the uraeus had the ability to ward off evil and became defined as the eye of the god Re.

Sandstone slab showing Osiris wearing the uraeus, 26th dynasty (664-525 BCE)

The Uraei in tarot cards are often used to highlight solar connection. For example:

‘Uraei of the North’ (4 of Pentacles) – “Two cobra under two papyrus stems represent Ra’s power to make things live: vital fluid and breath of life”.

‘Uraei of the South’ (5 of pentacles) – “Two cobras coming directly out of the sun represent Ra’s destructive power: inflamed fluid that destroys life”.

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