Friday, 6 November 2009

Feather of Ma'at

This image depicts the Ostrich feather worn upon the head of the goddess Ma’at. Ma’at personified the laws of all existence, she represented truth, justice, law, divine and world order, and as such the image of the feather depicts these qualities and is the symbol of truth. This symbol appears frequently in the Book of the Dead, in the Hall of Judgement at the ‘Weighing of the Heart’, in which the heart of the deceased is weighed against the feather of Ma’at, upon the scales of justice.

On the tarot cards, the feather of Ma'at is used to symbolise justice and truth.
o ‘XIX – The Sun’ – the woman standing beneath the sun has a headdress of two ma’at feathers and ma’at feathers hanging from each arm.
o ‘XIII – Death’ – shows Anubis weighing the heart of the deceased against the ma’at feather.

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